What we do

Executive Coaching - Training

PERFORMEA is a coaching practice whose mission is to support executives face new challenges, explore new opportunities and deliver on corporate and personal goals.
We enable you to step back from your day-to-day pressures with the dedicated support of a skilled professional for you to focus on resolving the challenges you face and grow to new heights.
We drive change through creative and tailored approaches (including voice coaching).

How we do it

Each coaching is tailored to have the highest impact and success. For that, a clear process is followed, creative methods are used and a strict code of ethics is applied.

"The only wealth is mankind"

Jean Bodin

Offering for corporation

PERFORMEA offers tailored programs for executives to grow personally whilst reaching
the goals established with the program sponsors. Every program design is unique.
While PERFORMEA addresses a very wide
variety of coaching situations, it specializes in the following segments:

    • Gravitas
    • Negotiation
    • Development of High Potential executives

Offering for individuals

PERFORMEA offers tailored programs for individuals who want to succeed
in their projects, function more effectively in their life and reach their full potential.
Every program design is unique.
Examples of areas where coaching could be appropriate are the following:

    • Life transition
    • Facilitating decision process
    • Vocal presence
Offering for individuals

Your coach

Daphné de Charrin is the founder and director of PERFORMEA, a Coaching firm based in the Zürich Canton, in Switzerland.

Daphné has always felt passionate about supporting others strive and succeed. Her 10-year professional experience in an international corporation convinced her that the implication of the personal and the quality of the human relations were essential to the effectiveness and the performance of the organizations. She decided to establish her coaching firm in 2012, combining her broad corporate experience, her expertise in coaching and her passion for singing and acting to enrich her practice.

Having worked internationally and having held various management positions (ranging from R&D to global sales, as well as leading women networks), she understands what is needed to success in a global, fast and complex environment.

Her key values in coaching are respect, confidentiality, learning, performance and the principle that people possess considerable abilities, often dormant.
Daphné earned her M.Sc. in Engineering from the Grenoble Institute of Technology in France, a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Maine and an Executive M.B.A. from ESCP Europe.

She earned her Professional Certified Coach Diploma from IDC Institute, accredited by the International Coaching Federation ICF and EduQua. She is currently an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) at the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Additionally, she has completed the Executive Coaching training at IDC Institute.

She is a professionally trained singer (Complete Vocal Techniques) and performs regularly on stage.

Daphné is fluent in French and English and has very good command of German. Daphné is regularly supervised to ensure the best service quality.
She is a French and a Swiss national, married and the mother of two young children.

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"The moment one definitely commits oneself,
then providence moves too"



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"The way to do is to be"

Lao Tsu

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